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A Man Betrayed
A Man Betrayed  1941
Tangled  2010
Student of the Year
Student of the Year  2012
Onassis: The Richest Man in the World
Onassis: The Richest Man in the World  1988
Arhangelos tou pathous
Arhangelos tou pathous  1987
One by Two
One by Two  2014
Any Day
Any Day  2015
Hairspray  2007
In a Better World
In a Better World  2010
Colors  1988
As It Is in Heaven
As It Is in Heaven  2004
The Sins of Rachel Cade
The Sins of Rachel Cade  1961
Santiago  1956
Phantom Thread
Phantom Thread  2017
The Naked Dawn
The Naked Dawn  1955
Turn Me On, Dammit!
Turn Me On, Dammit!  2011
The Artist
The Artist  2012
Moonrise Kingdom
Moonrise Kingdom  2012
Lantana  2001
Seems Like Old Times
Seems Like Old Times  1980
Everybody Loves Somebody
Everybody Loves Somebody  2017
Mad Money
Mad Money  2008
1920: Evil Returns
1920: Evil Returns  2012
Miss Gold Digger
Miss Gold Digger  2007