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APB  2016
Ray Donovan
Ray Donovan  2013
Freddy vs Jason
Freddy vs Jason  2003
Notes on a Scandal
Notes on a Scandal  2006
Cherry Tree Lane
Cherry Tree Lane  2010
Bored to Death
Bored to Death  2009
Sleeping with the enemy
Sleeping with the enemy  1991
Basic Instinct
Basic Instinct  1992
Cop Car
Cop Car  2015
Tenderness  2009
Better Call Saul
Better Call Saul  2015
Lila says
Lila says  2004
Dreams For Sale
Dreams For Sale  2012
Wisegal  2008
The Girl Hunters
The Girl Hunters  1963
Death of a Cyclist
Death of a Cyclist  1955
Ice  2016
H6: Diario de un asesino
H6: Diario de un asesino  2005
Body of Proof
Body of Proof  2011
Screwed  2000
The... Copanoi
The... Copanoi  1987
The cutter
The cutter  2005
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For  2014
Mean Guns
Mean Guns  1997