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Greenberg  2010
Captain Corellis Mandolin
Captain Corellis Mandolin  2001
Airplane II: The Sequel
Airplane II: The Sequel  1982
New Years Eve
New Years Eve  2011
The Christmas Card
The Christmas Card  2006
Half Girlfriend
Half Girlfriend  2017
How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother  2005
Mom  2013
Two Lovers
Two Lovers  2008
It Happened on Fifth Avenue
It Happened on Fifth Avenue  1950
Vikings  2013
Morris from America
Morris from America  2016
Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina  2012
Hindsight  2011
A Different Kind of Christmas
A Different Kind of Christmas  1996
The House of the Spirits
The House of the Spirits  1993
Rachel Getting Married
Rachel Getting Married  2008
Bareilly Ki Barfi
Bareilly Ki Barfi  2017
Outlander  2014
The Heartbreak Kid
The Heartbreak Kid  2007
Along Came Polly
Along Came Polly  2004
Modern Family
Modern Family  2009
The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory  2007
Nothing Like the Holidays
Nothing Like the Holidays  2008