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Only the Dead
Only the Dead  2015
Captain Corellis Mandolin
Captain Corellis Mandolin  2001
My Honor Was Loyalty
My Honor Was Loyalty  2016
Silent Night
Silent Night  2002
Vikings  2013
Megan Leavey
Megan Leavey  2017
The Glory Brigade
The Glory Brigade  1953
Ana-ta-han  1953
Hell in Korea
Hell in Korea  1956
Shock Troops
Shock Troops  1967
Judgment at Nuremberg
Judgment at Nuremberg  1961
Monte Cassino
Monte Cassino  1969
It Happened on July 20th
It Happened on July 20th  1955
The War Show
The War Show  2016
Dunkirk  2017
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes  2013
Black Book
Black Book  2006
Defiance  2008
Riphagen  2016
American Sniper
American Sniper  2014
The Miracle of Morgans Creek
The Miracle of Morgans Creek  1944
Ouzeri Tsitsanis
Ouzeri Tsitsanis  2015
Valkyrie  2008
Ali and Nino
Ali and Nino  2016