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The White Slave
The White Slave  2016
Victoria  2016
Medici: Masters of Florence
Medici: Masters of Florence  2016
Isabel  2011
Ancient Aliens
Ancient Aliens  2009
I, Claudius
I, Claudius  1976
Indian Summers
Indian Summers  2015
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman
The Story of God with Morgan Freeman  2016
Da Vincis Demons
Da Vincis Demons  2013
Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu  1986
Poldark  2015
TURN: Washingtons Spies
TURN: Washingtons Spies  2014
Jamestown  2017
The Tudors
The Tudors  2007
Velvet  2013
The Pacific
The Pacific  2010
Clash of the Gods
Clash of the Gods  2009
Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution
Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution  2005
New Worlds
New Worlds  2014
Of Kings and Prophets
Of Kings and Prophets  2015
Mirror of the Witch
Mirror of the Witch  2016
Another Period
Another Period  2015
37 Days
37 Days  2014
Battles BC
Battles BC  2009